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A short brief from Slavyansk.

Mark SavchukMark Savchuk, A curious Ukrainian
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Anti-terrorist operation that is now underway in Eastern part of Ukraine is moving on successfully.

President Poroshenko initially offered a ceasefire - Ukrainian forces were not allowed to engage terrorists for 7 days. Then the ceasefire was prolonged for another 3 days.

The idea was to show first of all to Ukrainian civilians and to majority of Russian population that we do not seek war and Kiev is not a bunch of fascist babyeaters (thats what ACTUALLY some people say, its ridiculous).

Surely enough the terrorists used this time to attack our positions since our forces WEREN'T ALLOWED TO FIRE. Only to return fire.

Result - 30 dead almost 50 wounded...

President Poroshenko was hoping that the west and Europe will stand on its ground and as promised will enforce sanctions on Russia due to its DIRECT MILITARY SUPPORT to the separatists in Ukraine.

But now he learnt the hard way that no one cares about Ukraine. We are responsible for our future and no one will help us. We need to accept the challenge and fight back.

Actually there is nothing wrong with that, except EVERY SINGLE politician in Europe saying that the sanctions are imminent if its proved that Russia supports the terrorists.

Well that was not only proven with weapons but with many russian soldiers present on Ukrainian soil as gun for hire. And yet nothing happens, and I bet nothing will because EU simply doesn't give a fuc* how many people die. All they need is a steady supply of gas and one less ally to Russia's clan.

We learn the art of politics the hard way here.

Here are some footage of the recent events:

1) Many of the people in line ARE separatists supporters. Yet it doesn't stop them from accepting food from soldiers who died for them... disgusting!

2) Vice news on current victories of Ukrainian Army in the warzone:

3)Here is the Russian ammunition in the war zone

Please do note that the separatists use rifles that are actually BETTER than standard equipment of Ukrainian army. So it's impossible to argue that it's our weaponry. Our army is not that advanced.

Loads of Russian weapons, most of the time - RPG's, mortars, automatic rifles, body armor. Since about a month ago Russia is supplying the terrorist with heavy armor - tanks, armoured personnel carriers, advanced anti air missiles and firing platforms.

But its all good - we will win. Slava Ukraine!


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Mark Savchuk
Mark Savchuk
A curious Ukrainian